Those Nauseating Viral Photos From Burger King in Germany Are Real, But Theres a Catch

Those Nauseating Viral Photos From Burger King in Germany Are Real, But Theres a Catch

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Have you seen those photos on social media featuring stomach-churning Burger King items from Germany? Believe it or not, the photos are real, but there’s one big catch: All of the foods being advertised were available for precisely one day at just one location in Berlin. They’re not regular items sold at Burger King in Germany, as many people seem to think.

As Bill Oakley, a former writer for the Simpsons turned fast food critic, pointed out on Twitter, the photos were all part of a Mother’s Day promotion having a little fun with the idea that some people crave bizarre foods while pregnant. They called it the “Pregnancy Whopper” campaign and even just looking at some of the burgers might make you wince.

The ad included Whoppers that had pickles with whipped cream (above), bananas with eggs, ice cream with green olives, cucumbers with jam, fish sticks with apple sauce, and strawberry ice cream with fries. But the strangest combinations may have been the Whoopers containing bratwurst sausage and chocolate syrup, or the currywurst and fried herring. There was also a raspberry torte stacked high with several layers of beef.

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Screenshot: YouTube / Burger King

If you missed this promotion on May 8 in Berlin, you won’t be able to try these strange concoctions at Burger King. Although, nothing’s stopping you from making these monstrosities at home, we suppose. And if you need inspiration, there’s a video version of the ad available on YouTube and with English subtitles.

U.S. fast food brands have spent the past 50 years spreading around the globe, often adapting signature foods to meet local demands. For instance, you won’t find any beef burgers at McDonald’s locations in India. But you can get the McSpicy Paneer or the McAloo Tikki, which is a patty made of potato and peas patty that comes with ketchup, tomatoes, and onions.

But inventions like the currywurst and fried herring burger won’t be found on any menu outside of Berlin, Germany for that one single day. If you want to see more of the very real burgers that Burger King willed into existence for its one-day promotion, click through for more gut-wrenching weirdness. But you’ve been warned.

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